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Rank Math pro may be a program Optimization plugin for WordPress that creates it easy for anyone to optimize their content with built-in suggestions supported by widely-accepted best practices. Easily customize important SEO settings, control which pages are indexable, and the way you would like your website to seem in search with Structured data.

Rank Math Pro Features

Rank Math Pro gives you a competitive edge with its powerful and easy-to-use features. Whether you’re a novice or an SEO veteran, Rank Math can take your SEO game to a subsequent level.

1. Easy to follow Setup Wizard

Rank Math Pro practically configures itself. Rank Math features a step-by-step installation and configuration wizard that sets up SEO for WordPress perfectly.

Upon installation, Rank Math Pro verifies your site’s settings and recommends the perfect settings for best performance. The step-by-step wizard then sets up your site’s SEO, social profiles, webmaster profiles, and other SEO settings.

2. Clean, & Simple User Interface

Rank Math Pro is meant to present the proper information to you at the proper time. the straightforward, but powerful user-interface highlights important information about your posts alongside the post itself. Using this information, you’ll improve your post’s SEO instantaneously.

Rank Math Pro also features advanced snippet previews. you’ll preview how your post will appear within the SERPs, preview rich snippets, and even preview how your post will look when shared on social media.

3. Built-In Advanced SEO Analytics Module

Rank Math Pro presents valuable information from Google Search Console right inside your WordPress admin dashboard. you’ll see the keywords which you rank for, your sitemap status, and indexing issues. This information is invaluable in maintaining a high-performance website.

4. Google Analytics Integration

Keep an eye fixed on your website’s stats without ever having to go away from the comforts of your WordPress Dashboard.

5. Rank Tracker

Even if you’re just starting out with SEO, you usually want to understand how your website fares against the competition. Use Rank Math Pro’s Rank Tracker to stay an eye fixed on your website’s performance against preset keywords.

6. Keep an Eye on Position History

If you’re within the habit of frequently testing out new SEO methods or simply wish to understand how your website has performed over a period of your time, then the position history goes to be a Godsend.

Keep track of your website’s rankings over the previous couple of weeks or months.

7. Ranking Keywords for Posts

Many times, knowing each and each keyword your post is ranking for are often quite enlightening. With this information, you’ll rewrite your content further to enhance rankings for those mouth-watering keywords you thought you’d never rank for.

8. The Most Advanced Schema Generator

Schema Markup provides additional information about your website to look at engines and your users. With Rank Math Pro, including Structured Data to posts is as simple as pointing and clicking. Various Schema types are supported, and a default category also can be set in settings.

9. Import Schema Markup from Other Websites

Import Schema markup from any page/post or URL from your own website or from the other website on the web. Give yourself a headstart by importing ready-made Schema from other URLs and make changes as per your preferences.

10. Schema Markup Validation

Easily check your Schema markup against Google’s Rich Results validation tool right inside your WP Dashboard. It makes the method so seamless.

11. Custom Schema Builder

Build custom Schemas and add multiple Schemas to one post with just a couple of clicks. No programming knowledge is required to make sophisticated Schema graphs with the Rank Math Pro plugin.

12. Schema Templates with Display Conditions

Use display conditions to point out Schema where you would like to point out them on your website (i.e. single, archives, or entire website). Create Schema templates and insert them into posts with one click. Add properties and property groups and convey it all at once with a couple of clicks.

13. Article Schema

Adding the acceptable metadata to your posts allows search engines to know your posts better. Rank Math Pro fully supports the article type schema, and it are often added to posts with one click.

By adding the Article Schema to your post, you increase the likelihood of it appearing as an upscale card within the SERPs, which can dramatically improve its click-through rate.

14. Product Schema

Rank Math Pro also supports product schema which may be added to posts with one click. you’ll add the merchandise name, description, SKU, inventory, and other details about the merchandise which may then be then shown within the SERPs.

15. Recipe Schema

Growing traffic to a food blog has never been easier with the recipe schema support in Rank Math Pro. Simply enter the knowledge about your recipe to possess it to show up as an upscale card within the search results.

16. Events Schema

Promote your events a la mode with the events snippet support in Rank Math Pro. you’ll configure the events snippet with quite fifteen sorts of events which may rank your event on many related keywords.

Rank Math Pro also captures additional event information like venue URL, ticketing URL, ticket inventory, and more. This information is effective to customers and provides an excellent customer experience.

17. Video Schema

Breathe new life into your videos with the video schema support in Rank Math Pro. The snippets are often added in only a couple of clicks, and that they make sure that your video appears as an upscale card within the SERPs.

18. Local Business Schema

Ranking an area business on targeted keywords can mean the difference between night and day for the business. With the local business schema support in Rank Math Pro, your local business features a much higher chance of ranking and receiving more traffic.

19. FAQ Schema Block

Easily add Schema-ready and user-friendly FAQs section to your content using the provided FAQ Schema Block.

The FAQ Block will help your FAQs to seem within the SERPs and improve the user experience of the searchers trying to find your content.

20. HowTo Schema Block

How To Schema Block gives you the power to face out from the remainder of the website within the program Result Pages.

Increase visibility and make your pages eligible for smart devices which supports Voice Assistance.

21. Add Knowledge Graph Meta Data

Knowledge Graph takes facts and presents them as information. Rank Math Pro can add relevant Knowledge Graph meta tags to your website so your website can rank for more keywords and command a bigger area within the SERPs.

Keyword research is straightforward with Rank Math Pro. there’s no more guesswork to spot potential keywords with each post. Rank Math Pro’s integration with the Google Trends tool helps you check the search trends for keywords and even compare them. you’ll also use the inbuilt graph comparison tool to match keyword opportunities visually.

23. XML Sitemap

XML Sitemaps help search engines find and index content on your site. Rank Math Pro generates program-compatible XML Sitemaps for your website automatically. Sitemaps are fully customizable, and you’ll set what gets included and what doesn’t.

24. News Sitemap for Submitting Websites on Google News

News sites receive plenty of traffic, and you’ll join the high traffic club also with the news sitemap feature in Rank Math Pro. Just enable the feature, enter a couple of details about your website and let the traffic appear.

25. Video Sitemap For Video Websites

Rank Math Pro is fully compatible with the video sitemap guidelines set by Google. With a click of a button, Rank Math Pro appends all of your videos with metadata that helps index your videos faster and receive more views.

26. Automated Image SEO

Image SEO may be a powerful but often overlooked technique to get traffic. Rank Math Pro puts image SEO on autopilot by automatically adding ALT and Title attributes to all or any of your images. Rank Math Pro doesn’t even change your posts to realize this. The tags are added on the fly when the post is viewed by the user.

27. Advanced Image SEO Module

Add missing alt text, title text, captions, or overwrite what you have already got. Set conditions for overwriting certain words with other words and up your image SEO game without breaking a sweat.

28. Local SEO Optimization

Rank Math Pro SEO plugin for WordPress brings you even more traffic through its Local SEO support. Simply enter your business details in Rank Math Pro, and therefore the appropriate metadata is going to be added to your website, improving your website’s chances of ranking.

29. Multiplace Local Business Locations

If your business has multiple locations and you would like to rank equally well for every location with locally searched keywords, the multi-location Local SEO option in Rank Math Pro is that the one you’ve got been looking for.

30. Shortcode for Displaying Contact Information

Never display outdated contact information to your website visitors. Rank Math Pro’s built-in contact information shortcode helps you retain your contact information updated. Just enter your information in Rank Math Pro, and it’ll be updated everywhere you place it.

31. Advanced Block to Show Local Business Info

With the Advanced Block, you’ll insert your local SEO business information anywhere on your website with an easy shortcode. Customize the knowledge inserted using variables and obtain the results you desire.

32. WooCommerce SEO PRO

Combine WooCommerce’s selling powers with Rank Math Pro’s SEO powers to make an e-commerce powerhouse. Rank Math Pro’s user-friendly and powerful features make ranking in search engines easy and effortless.

33. Complete Easy Digital Downloads SEO

Selling online courses, ebooks, and other digital goods may be a delight with the powerful combination of Easy Digital Downloads and Rank Math. Use Rank Math Pro’s advanced SEO features to drive traffic to your website easily.

34. Focus Keyword and Content Analysis

Keywords are just like the blood that flows through your post’s body. Using the right keywords within the appropriate places forms the idea of On-Page SEO. Our SEO plugin for WordPress analyzes your posts and identifies keyword opportunities that you simply can maximize to receive the very best traffic.

35. SEO Analysis Tool Based on 40 Factors

Rank Math puts the facility of an SEO audit at your fingertips. At the press of a button, Rank Math will assess your website on 40 SEO factors. Not only that, but Rank Math also will offer you actionable advice that you simply can use to enhance your website’s SEO.

36. Advanced Bulk Edit Options

Rank Math puts the facility of an SEO audit at your fingertips. At the press of a button, Rank Math will assess your website on 40 SEO factors. Not only that, but Rank Math also will offer you actionable advice that you simply can use to enhance your website choose multiple posts/pages/CPTs directly and mark them as noindex, index, nofollow, remove canonical URLs, add redirections, remove redirects, set a Schema type, or remove the Schema you’ve got already added. SEO.

37. Quick Edit SEO Details

Supplement the fast edit option with additional options you’ll use to vary Rank Math settings of a post/page just like the SEO title, description, Primary Category, primary focus keyword, canonical URL, and therefore the robots meta tags.

38. Top 5 Winning/Losing Posts

Get a germander speedwell view of your top-performing blog posts consistent with search traffic and your 5 worst-performing blog posts. you’ll always know what’s working for your website and what isn’t working the maximum amount as you had hoped.

39. Top 5 Winning/Losing Keywords

With an inventory of your best-performing keywords, you’ll know what SEO techniques have worked for you so you’ll rinse-and-repeat those techniques.

Knowing the smallest amount of performing keywords gives you insights into what isn’t performing on your website so you’ll work further on improving them or stop doing what isn’t working.

40. SEO Overview of Site Content

On a single screen, monitor the results of your SEO efforts and always know where you stand, SEO-wise.

41. Badge System for Single Posts & Pages

Your most awesome content gets badges so you’ll differentiate your best performing content from the remainder of your content. Knowing this is often important because it gives you a thought of what content to form more of to urge even more traffic.

42. Single Post SEO Reports

Check what keywords each post is ranking for, what its PageSpeed or loading speed is, how well it’s optimized, and the way much search traffic it’s generating for you alongside its historical performance.

43. Client Management for Business Owners

Get a germander speedwell view of all of your client websites and the way many keywords each website is tracking. you’ll also limit what percentage of keywords each website can track so you’ll always be on top of things of your quotas.

44. Track Page Speed of Single Posts & Pages

Track the PageSpeed score also because of the loading time of all of your URLs right within your WordPress dashboard.

45. Default OpenGraph Thumbnail

It’s embarrassing to ascertain a share from your website with a broken thumbnail. Rank Math saves you the difficulty by setting a default thumbnail for each link that’s shared to social media.

46. Add Watermark to Social Media Images

Add a watermark to your images so it appears in each image that gets shared from your website on social platforms.

47. Facebook Automatic Open Graph

No more messing with plugins to form Open Graphs Tags work. Rank Math’s built-in support for Facebook Open Graph tags sets up appropriate tags for every post that you simply write, automatically. Rank Math even clears the cache on Facebook when someone updates a post with a special image.

48. Add Icon Overlay to Thumbnail For FB, Twitter & G+

Attractive thumbnails can increase your click-through rate on social media. Rank Math goes a step beyond other plugins and automatically overlays a play button or a custom GIF icon to skyrocket your clicks.

49. Default Share Image

Optimizing every element on your website for sharing is time-intensive. Rank Math Pro’s default share image feature lets you breathe a sigh of relief because it sets a default share image that is employed when any content is shared from your site.

50. Twitter Meta Cards

Twitter is often an excellent source of traffic and recognition if used correctly. Rank Math’s Twitter meta card support enables you to make rich, engaging tweets that are sure to get you more traffic and followers.

51. Facebook Authorship

Build your personal brand and increase your Facebook following at an equivalent time with Facebook Authorship support in Rank Math. Rank Math adds the required meta tags to all or any of your posts in order that every post shared on Facebook has your name thereon.

52. Social Previews

Rank Math takes the guesswork out of making social media posts by providing rich, live previews of your posts. you’ll adjust the shared image and other meta-information about each post without ever leaving your WordPress dashboard.

And so many features of rank math pro you can check out here.

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How To Install Rank Math Pro?

First, go to your WordPress website. If you’re already logged in (if not add “/wp-admin” with your website URL and hit enter, then fill up login credentials and click on the “Login” button).

Then hover over your site title (top-left corner) and click on the “Dashboard” button. It will take you to the back-end of your WordPress website. Find the “Plugins” hover over it and click on the “Add New” button. Now you’re in the repository. Click on the “Upload Plugin” button, choose your rank math pro plugin file (zipped folder), and click on the “Install Now” button. Your plugin will be installed but not activated.

To activate the plugin, click on the “Active Now” button or go to “Plugins“, find the plugin, and click on the “Activate“ under the rank math pro plugin.

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